Forthcoming Events 29.07.17

#brokenHOUSE Central Launch Party

brokenHOUSE Secret Sessions This summer we will be bringing #brokenHOUSE back to the heart of London. After an amazing 2nd Annual #brokenHOUSE Boat Party we are so excited to be creating more memories for our supporters. There is a very limited amount of space in this intimate venue.

💥 IMPORTANT #brokenHOUSE CNTRL LDN Information 💥

We are looking forward to seeing you on the 29th July for our #Secret #brokenHOUSE CNTRL LDN event. Please click here >> so you can keep in contact with the event organisers.

Broken House Music

brokenHOUSE is ...


 The 2nd Annual #brokenHOUSE Summer Boat Party Highlights. 

Radlett Hajan

Headline Duty Jai #brokenHOUSE


Jai Baisden & DJ Shiloh back to back on the #brokenHOUSE Boat If you have any videos / pictures of the party please use the #brokenHOUSE we would love to see them 😎🥂👊

Make Sure You Don't Miss Out On Our 3rd Annual #brokenHOUSE Summer Boat Party in 2018 

Radlett Hajan


Radlett Hajan


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