SAT.29.07 #brokenHOUSE CNTRL LDN  

Meet the #brokenHOUSE Team on Saturday 29th July for a secret house party treasure hunt. Find our line up hidden around Central London, with a bar crawl thrown in. Experience a night of secrets revealed, #brokenHOUSE and great people. Tickets for just £5 are available >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Grab your #brokenHOUSE T Shirt here and we will meet you at Tottenham Court Road for 9:30 pm 

Bar Crawl Location: 

Start Time: 8 pm 

#brokenHOUSE CNTRL London

brokenHOUSE Secret Sessions This summer we will be bringing #brokenHOUSE back to the heart of London. After an amazing 2nd Annual #brokenHOUSE Boat Party we are so excited to be creating more memories for our supporters. There is a very limited amount of space in this intimate venue.



WED.02.AUG #brokeHOUSE Launch Party 

We can't wait to be bringing you the vibes of #brokeHOUSE every WEDNESDAY over the summer. Located at our #SECRET VENUE 

We are launching #brokenHOUSE younger brother who will be giving new underground and urban talent the chance to show what they can do. If you are interested in being considered and you have what it takes to play for #brokeHOUSE 


#brokeHOUSE Launch

We have been so excited to launch our new urban brand #brokeHOUSE. We will be holding our Wednesday night events in Central London EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT Venue only holds 100 people.

Broken House Music

Broken House Music. 307 likes. With THUMPING Drums and SOOTHING BASS-LINES. #brokenHOUSE is for the OPEN MIND, the INQUISITIVE MIND , and more importantly the FREE MIND.